We believe that a tight knit team is crucial to succeed in the tough world of landscaping. While the pictures on our social media profiles look beautiful, it’s the hard daily graft by the whole team that allows our clients projects to come to life.  Behind the scenes of any project there is countless hours of digging, moving soils, structural works etc. before the beauty is added. We have a saying that “its got to get ugly before it gets pretty” and no truer words have been spoken for every project we work on, as our team relies on every member to achieve its goals, every day.

Adam has had a life long obsession with creating things of beauty that started in his teens working in his fathers furniture business. From commissioned furniture pieces to all corners of the world in the 80’s and 90’s through to  award winning homeware designs here in Australia, Adam has always looked to extend his abilities and skills to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible. Over the last 2 decades Adam’s obsession has turned to building and renovating along with bespoke outdoor landscapes. Dorset Bottega is the culmination of Adams 30 years experience that is now solely focused on designing and constructing bespoke outdoor spaces here in Queensland. It is this relentless focus on bringing dreams to life through careful planning and design that is the life blood of the business.

Kristn brings over 25 years experience in administration and finance in the design and construction industry to the Dorset Bottega team. From contracts to HR, Kristn facilitates all the back-end functions of the business by supporting clients and staff with all the necessary information and paperwork that allows the projects to run smoothly behind the scenes. Kristn brings a strong understanding of building reporting requirements along with project management schedules supporting Adam throughout the process.

Adrian has been with DB now for 12 months and just recently started his landscaping apprenticeship.  Exciting times ahead and we are confident that Adrian will be leading one of our project teams in no time at all.

Originally from Ireland, Kieran is a master at all things masonry with experience gained over 30 years both here in Australia and overseas. His carpentry and construction skills have been honed with countless fencing and retaining wall projects over the last few years. He is a wonderful leader and mentor for our younger team members to learn from as they progress their own skills.

Jason has been working with Adam now for years on various projects. Jason works on our larger projects bringing an impressive level of detail, quality and experience.

Gerry has been a founding staff member of Dorset Bottega from the beginning, and brings over 40 years experience in installing and maintaining gardens both residentially and commercially to the team. Gerry remains a committed and energetic corner stone of the business while providing a fantastic support to clients and the Dorset Bottega team.

Noah is one of the newest members of the DB team, only finishing high school last year. Adam and Kristn have known Noah and his family for more than 20 years and it has been a lovely transition to watch him grow up and now be part of the DB team.

Will is our apprentice and budding plant enthusiast.

Ben is our apprentice with the big appetite – for learning.

Gilly is our apprentice with a well used tool belt and a love of timber.

Cale is our newest apprentice who aspires to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’.

Nelson is our newest, vibrant carpenter.