Dorset Bottega is a culmination of Adam’s 30 years of designing, planning and building beautiful bespoke spaces.  It’s a lifestyle built from a life-long love of design, architecture and elegant spaces, and bringing these concepts to life.  Adam’s passion is to transform spaces and bring inspiration and joy to everyone who uses them.  His unique vision allows him to see outdoor spaces in a different light and see the potential of any space; from creative structures to gardens and everything between.

Dorset Bottega designs and builds bespoke outdoor spaces that inspire those who dare to dream. We are constantly driven by the challenge to exceed expectations with a passion for creating beauty and functionality for our clients. From structural pieces to gardens and everything in between, if you can dream it we can build it.  Through collaborative discussion, design and planning we can bring any concept to life, and it is our holistic approach and creative vision that ensure each bespoke outdoor space is a perfect synergy for the home, the family and the overall aesthetic.

We understand the journey and take pride in ensuring that each client is involved throughout each and every stage of the project and the level of communication necessary is reached to ensure projects are delivered as planned.

It is our goal to exceed your expectations and deliver a space that your family will create treasured memories in for many years to come.