Dorset Bottega specialises in Landscape Design and also residential Design and Construct projects.

Dorset Bottega provides a comprehensive design and construct service that can also be broken down depending on the clients requirements. Everything from brainstorming sessions, detailed plans and costings can be scheduled along with the construction of the project. We can be the one stop shop you have dreamed of or simply help you create your own DYI project with a strong plan.  Every project is different and we strive to accommodate all budgets.

Some projects can be costed after an initial consultation while others need more detailed planning to ensure the outcomes are achieved.


The first step in the Dorset Bottega process is the Initial Consultation.  This initial meeting usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the size and scope of the works required and is attended by Adam and one of the Dorset Bottega team members.  During this meeting, you as the client will let us know your dreams and vision for the project, as well as a brainstorming session to outline project basics, which is then expanded upon and discussed until a clear theme and vision begins to be established.

Investment for Initial Consultation: $440 inc. GST


Once a clear theme and vision has been established in the Initial Consultation, the next step is concept design plan development.  Concept design plans provide a clear vision for larger projects to ensure the details are captured and able to be understood by all parties.It allows detailed site plans to be produced along with planting schedules, design imagery and provides the information for accurate costings to be completed. 

Investment for Concept Design: Starting at $2190 inc. GST 


At the pre-construction phase the scope of works is captured and provided to you in a detailed proposal.  As required, engineering, certification and construction drawings are provided and all materials are sourced.


In line with the detailed proposal the scope of works is carefully scheduled ensuring a smooth work flow, and on time project delivery.  During construction we do our utmost to provide a safe, positive and neat work environment.  It’s through clear communication that our team members work together, and with you to achieve the best results possible, and to keep you updated regularly.