Project Dorset is the journey following the creation of Kristn and Adam’s own property called ‘Dorset’ in Brisbane’s bayside. Dorset was originally a doctors surgery located in New Farm, Brisbane that was built in 1896 for a doctor from Dorset, England. Over 20 years ago the home was relocated to its current acreage location, it was here Kristn and Adam first discovered it for sale eight years ago. The home, situated on 4 acres, was in disrepair and was in need of a solid plan and lots of love.

Over the last eight years, Adam has been obsessed with the beautification of the property that now boasts many outbuildings such as a cottage, garden room, two large barns and some extensive garden and outdoor areas. It is also home to the Flourish by Dorset Bottega Potting Shed and is open to the public and clients for garden days every few months.

This personal project has allowed Adam to showcase his skills and create without limitation.  Thus allowing him to share what has been done well and how to not make the same mistake twice in our Queensland environment.

It’s a family home built with passion and commitment to following dreams.